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Please call Northwest Recovery and confirm that your

Towing Rights have not been SUSPENDED. Phone: 847-255-7360.


You need to call Northwest Recovery to confirm your eligibility

to have a vehicle towed from your own property.

We have at least another 5 years of economic recovery and with our cost of living going up in Illinois due to TAXES, we need to be even more vigilant at reducing the cost of operations in our homes and our association. 


If we control spending on unnecessary projects, reduce the operational costs, and create a REAL BUDGET that lowers our association fees and improves the quality of living with documented plans of recovery for the association.

Do we have the within our board and the property management the necessary skills and education to get the association on a truer course?

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2009 Statistics

Sheffield Towne Zip code: 60194

Sheffield Towne Schools District : 211

Median Property Tax: $2,095.06 - #59

Highest Taxes: $4,079 - Schaumburg

Total Taxes: $1.4M - Schaumburg

Median Sale Price: $144,000

Number of properties: 555

% For Sale: 4.32%

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